Sustainable Operable Actions


Tsara&Soa has the ambition to empower community-based sustainable economic development and climate resilience with the goal of eradicating chronic poverty using research and design of “Sustainable Operable Actions” (SOA). The hope is that initiatives will provide the communities with prosperity or "Soa", in Malagasy.

We start with understanding the attributes of the target communities and exploration of opportunities with the goal of producing initiative concepts by June 2022.

Tsara&Soa is open to all forms of collaboration towards this mission. Stay connected to follow-up their progress.

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Partner with us


You are a student, a researcher, a Professor, a professional, or an innovator who would like to try your ideas, develop research, work on a real case study?

 You want to eradicate poverty using your skills, talents, knowledge? 

Or are you an investor or an individual who wants to put your money where lives should be better? 

Tsara&Soa would love to work on:

  • supporting reforestation

  • supporting education

  • increasing internet access in rural zone

  • vanilla sourcing and tracking using Blockchain

  • testing the Greenhouse vanilla plantation in other areas

  • researching on how Artificial Intelligence can build resilience to climate change