Vanilla beans are the fruits of an orchid!

My favorite #flowers are #orchids and #roses. #Vanilla_orchid is particularly impressive to me because it gives birth to a long green sort of bean usually called #vanilla_beans but also known as #vanilla_pods. Vanilla flowers are unique, having long and thick leaves, yellowish, greenish, white, or cream colors.

Madagascar is a paradisiac place for vanilla orchid to grow well and survive thanks to the humidity and the rich soil from a perfect tropical area, but also to the existence of various tree species on which the vines can climb and be nourished. There are 110 species of vanilla orchid across the globe, but only 3 species are mostly economically used: #Vanilla_Planifolia, Vanilla Tahitensis, and Vanilla Pompona. Those identified in the island of Madagascar include: Vanilla coursii, Vanilla decaryana, Vanilla francoisii, Vanilla madagascariensis, Vanilla perrieri, and Vanilla Planifolia. There could be more that has not been identified by scientists yet.

Scientific classification and identification of Vanilla Orchids

Botanical Name: Vanilla (va-NIL-luh)

Abbreviation: Vl.

Class: Liliopsida

Order: Orchidales

Family: Orchidaceae

Subfamily: Vanilloideae

Tribe: Vanillineae

Genus: Vanilla

This classification was done in 1754

Number of recognized species: 110 recognized species including vanilla planifolia

Origin: Mesoamerica, including Mexico and Guatemala.

Blooming season: Spring season

Color: Flowers of Vanilla orchids can come in white, cream, yellow-green, or light green.

Growing classification: Monopodial

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