Bees can't help! Growing vanilla takes intensive hand labor and years

Did you know how #vanilla_orchids are planted and can produce their #fruits?

Unlike most #flowers, there is no invisible hand nor bees that can #pollinate vanilla orchids. A human intervention must accouple the female and male organ of the plant just like how humans do to create a baby. More stunning fact, the flowers open only in the morning from around 6 AM to 12 PM. #Farmers have to wake up very early if they want all blooming flowers to be pollinated. Once the female and male organs are coupled, fruits are born, but similar to babies, it takes 8 to 9 months for the #vine to bear the #pods before reaping them. These pods contain about 10k-100k black micro #seeds which bear vanillin and are used in our everyday #pastries and sweets. I cannot believe there are only 100k, actually! I think that there a millions of seeds.... but only by a microscope we can have a better eye to admire these uncountable #seeds.

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