How a cyclone threatens the supply of vanilla?

In 2017, the #cyclone #Enawo hit the island of #Madagascar, resulting in 78 deaths, 250,000 #displacement, and 250 wounded people (Reuters, March 14, 2017). What would be the future of the #vanilla crops if an unpredictable cyclonic strength visit the country again? How farmers can be better prepared to face such #extreme_weather_event?

Enawo has destroyed about 95% of the crops and 30% of the plants as reported by the national vanilla exporters' group, Mamy Razakarivony, in 2017. Farmers who are mainly depending on vanilla were ruined as they did not lose their crops only but also their houses and possibly other assets. The whole national and international markets were affected with lower quality because farmers had to collect beans that were ripped by Enawo. In addition to that, prices jumped high because the production could not meet the demand. The cost of rehabilitation is unbearable by the farmers.

Tsara&Soa believes that advanced technology such as #Artificial_Intelligence can be very informative about the future weather events. That is one of the research area the venture would love to participate to and support.

Other farmers have started try the "#greenhouse" system which is a sort of house in which vanilla are planted, climate conditions can be controlled, and crops protected. However, these "greenhouse" also need strong infrastructure to be resilient to the force of cyclones in Madagascar. Also, the cost of production could be higher with the use of such technology.

Usually, cyclone alert are heard only few days before it arrives inland. But it is impossible to affront it with such short notice especially for the case of vanilla plantations which are fruitful only within 5 years! Is there a possibility to be alerted at least a year in advance? Uncertainties lead to the conclusion that all shareholders operating in the vanilla business need to #adapt and build #resilience to what #climate_change could do.

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