The "Ureka Challenge" at Clark University has been a foundation for Tsara&Soa

We are so grateful to the Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) program at #Clark_University which has been a catalyst for founding this venture.

The first steps to realize the idea of selling Madagascar vanilla in the USA started in August 2020 when I started to brainstorm and research about possible ways to realize the projects. When I saw on the E&I website that the theme for this 2021 Edition is about social venture, the concept of running the vanilla business to tackle social issues made my heart beating with excitement. Then, I was convinced about the concept of selling the vanilla beans with the goal of sustaining the production of vanilla beans from Madagascar in front of the threats from insecurity, climate change, deforestation, and insufficient decent life. "Tsara&Soa will provide wonderful products (Tsara in Malagasy) and will also seek for the good of all stakeholders (Soa in Malagasy)": that's the motto!

By selling the vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tsara&Soa will also create or support responsible initiatives to sustain the quality of production, livelihood, and the environment in Madagascar.

The Ureka Challenge has been an empowerment for Tsara&Soa. The team has learned most of all necessary components to consider in running a venture including insurance, legal issues, marketing strategy, and even more as overcoming shyness to spread the word about the business to the Clark University community. The venture also got intensive mentorship and different offers and opportunities to thrive. I can say that without the Ureka Challenge, Tsara&Soa could not continue to exist.

Thank you Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, Teresa Quinn, Anika Wohlleben, Cheryl Miller, all the judges, the Committee, and the generous donors!

“It is astonishing and amazing to watch these entrepreneurs as it seemed nothing undeterred them from success – not COVID, winter, or any other obstacle! Now all the hard work from these Clark student entrepreneurs is coming to an exciting end as they prepare to present to the judging panel.”

Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager

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