Tsara&Soa provides you with products qualified as “Tsara” in Malagasy. The translation that covers all its meanings in English is « noble » which is defined as “possessing outstanding qualities, famous, notable, possessing very good or excellent qualities or properties” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Tsara&Soa reinvests 10% of its profit to transform the living conditions in the communities where production is made.


Tsara&Soa Vanilla Eggs

Vanilla Planifolia Pods are the fruits of an orchid called Vanilla Planifolia which is the species growing in the island of Madagascar. One pod from Vanilla Planifolia transfers all its scent to your hands and to anything in contact with it. You can smell it even 10 inches away from your nose or even with mask. Just one stick of this pod is powerful enough to flavor 6-serving cake, yoghurt, ice cream, and more. Taste it yourself!

Tsara&Soa VanillaEggs-032021

Vanilla Beans Almond Lemon Chocolate with 2 different stuffing

Chocolate Collection 2021

Ingredients: 1 Madagascar vanilla bean, 8oz cream cheese, 1oz butter, 10oz coconut flakes, 8oz vanilla Almond white chocolate, 2oz vanilla sugar.